Design Concepts


What is it?

Accessibility concerns with making an ICT product usable by users with mental or physical disabilities. 

Examples of Inclusive Features

  • Captions on multimedia - assists deaf users to read video

  • Keyboard navigation - assists blind users to navigate via a keyboard inputs

  • Audio narrator (text to speech) - assists blind users by saying the text aloud

  • Saved Login Credentials - assists users with memory problems to login into member only areas

  • Font enlarger - assists users with sight difficulties

WACE AIT Exam 2015, Question 30 - Sample Production Answer Accessibility Analysis

Question Extract:

Make appropriate annotations to your design to demonstrate your understanding of the use of:

  • an appropriate (e.g. wireframe) design that shows the layout and structure of your intended design (represent the position of the logo with a labelled box) (5 marks)

  • the elements and principles of design and the relationship between them (4 marks) ● logical organisation of content (3 marks)

  • user-generated content (e.g. contact forms, order forms) (2 marks)

  • ‘help’ features and how these will assist the target audience/s (6 marks)

  • features or tools that will enable the website to be accessed using new technologies. (2 marks)


Acknowledgement: SCSA WACE 2015 AIT Paper. You can access the entire context of the question in the 2015 WACE paper by clicking here (SCSA website)

Download a HQ Image of the WACE 2015 Production Sample Answer (280 kB)

Audio narrator assists blind users by converting text into speech

Font enlarger - increases size of text to assist users with sight difficulties

Saved Username and Password allows users with memory problems to login into the website