Applied IT ATAR Syllabus Notes

Impacts of Technology

WACE Syllabus

  • the concept of intellectual property (IP)

  • intention and purpose of IP in Australia in relation to copyright and/or design of digital products

  • the concept of online defamation and legal action against online defamation

  • the concept and key provisions of freedom of information (FOI) in Australia

  • advantages, disadvantages and implications of virtual and physical collaboration

  • impact of convergence trends in contemporary digital technologies

Project Management

WACE Syllabus 

  • Project management approaches - prototype, structured

  • Project planning tools - storyboards, site maps, flow charts, Gantt charts and project management software

  • Appearance considerations - structure, usability, accessibility, user experience, user interface


WACE Syllabus

  • Specifications of digital devices and their impact upon usability

  • characteristics of development trends in emerging mobile devices

  • suitability of emerging mobile devices to meet client (user) needs 

  • usability of digital devices for specified client requirements 

Year 12 - AIT Unit 3 

Evolving Digital Technologies

Design Concepts

WACE Syllabus

  • relationship(s) between the elements of design and the principles of design

  • features of a user interface

  • logical and hierarchical organisation of content

  • graphical user interface (GUI) suitable for target audience

  • relevant help features of a graphical user interface

    • usability

    • inclusivity

    • accessibility

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