Applied IT ATAR Syllabus Notes

Year 12 - AIT Unit 4 

Digital Technologies for a Global Society

Managing Data

WACE Syllabus

  • security techniques for the management of data, including:

    • disaster recovery plan

    • audit trail

  • types of backup techniques and archiving of data

    • full

    • differential

    • incremental

    • daily

  • online data storage methods

    • data warehouses

    • data marts

    • data in the cloud

  • purpose of data mining

  • processing of data considering security of data through the use of

    • passwords

    • firewalls

    • biometrics

    • anti‐virus software

    • digital signatures and digital certificates

    • encryption

  • concept of user‐generated content

  • advantages and disadvantages of user generated content

  • concept of hypertext markup language (.htm/.html)

  • concept of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

  • purpose and features of content management systems 

  • purpose of world wide web consortium (W3C)

  • purpose of W3C conventions

  • validation techniques for online forms



WACE Syllabus

  • types and characteristics of communication protocols, including:

    • transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP)

    • hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)

    • hypertext transfer protocol over secure socket layer (HTTPS)

    • wireless application protocol (WAP)

  • types and characteristics of communication standards, including:

    • 802.11x (wireless)

    • 802.3 (ethernet)

  • types of network security measures:

    • firewalls

    • passwords

    • physical security


Impacts of Technology

WACE Syllabus (Unit 4)

  • data and information security related to personal or sensitive information

  • purpose of a code of conduct

  • elements of a code of conduct, including:

    • work hours

    • employee email use

    • employee internet use

    • employee privacy

    • employer’s monitoring of work emails, internet access and computer use

  • online censorship of information in a global context

  • issues with the use of cloud computing

    • confidentiality of data

    • sensitivity of documents

    • level of accessibility

    • availability of online applications

  • impact of digital technologies and global markets on:

    • productivity

    • access to knowledge or resources

    • outsourcing

  • impact of Web 2.0/Web 3.0 on the use of digital technologies


Project Management

WACE Syllabus (Unit 4)

  • concept of service level agreements

  • features of service level agreements, including:

    • availability of service

    • type of services

  • advantages of local and global outsourcing compared with in‐house production

  • purpose of outsourcing data management

  • evaluation of software, including usability


  • use appropriate tools to evaluate the effectiveness of a digital solution in accordance with the design brief

    • surveys

    • client feedback

    • self‐reflection 

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