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October 6, 2018

Time and time again I hear the same piece of advice being thrown in.

'You need to have a study timetable!!!'

'You've got to plan your week!'

'You can still have a life and be a year 12 student!'

If you've heard one of these phrases, you might be forgiven for thinking that...

June 2, 2018

Winter is coming! 

Cold nights are for nothing better than some hot chocolate and your favourite Discovering Economics textbook. 

Here's a quick tip to combat those distractions in your way! 

The biggest distraction that we all face has to be our mobile phones, iPad, iPod...

Stress is practically inevitable in Year 12. For some, it is the largest distraction, preventing you from achieving your full potential.

Despite this, stress is nothing more than a sign of emotional investment: you wouldn't be stressed if you didn't care. So instead, co...

September 16, 2017

Hi Christian, I was just wondering seeing as mock exams are coming up if you studied using only the syllabus for all your subjects. So many previous year students stress that the syllabus if the key to acing your wace, is that true? like if i ignored everything else wo...

August 2, 2017

Music can be an effective tool to make study more engaging, however, the wrong music is likely to have you chanting lyrics or raving instead of dig straight into the books. 

Studies have shown that classical musical tends to be the best performer. I know, I know, classi...

July 18, 2017

SCSA released their written examination timetables 2 days ago and this year, the examinations for media production and analysis, ancient history, French and Japanese have clashed with the official opening week of leavers (19th November - 24 November). 

The last examinat...

July 7, 2017

So you're half way through your holidays! What have you accomplished? 

If there answer is nothing, then that's alright, we could all use a break, but just be in mind a tough term is ahead of us. 

This will be the most important term for year 12. In the upcoming term Year...

May 17, 2017

Budget 2017 is here, but what does that mean to students completing Economics Unit 4 and revising the 'Fiscal Policy' section?

Budget Outcome

  • The budget outcome is now $29.4 billion or -1.6% of GDP

  • Budget deficit is predicted to decrease by $8.2 billion

  • ...