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Simple Worked Example

Construct a Changes in Equity Statement

Forming a Company, Constitution and Replaceable Rules

Company Formation

Brief Overview of Some Ethical Issues Between
Business Owners and Stakeholders

Ethical Issues in Business

Introduction to Companies: Part 2

Advantages of Companies

Understand how to calculate and analyse leverage ratios

Leverage Ratios

Understand how to calculate and analyse market ratios

Market Ratios

Completing a simple Balance Sheet question

Constructing a Simple Balance Sheet

Step-by-Step Guide on Constructing a Simple Cash Flow Statement

Construct a Simple Cash Flow Statement

Calculate the breakeven point for single and multiple product lines

Breakeven Point

Learn how to calculate contribution margin for multiple product lines

Weighted Ave Contribution Margin

Overview of the components and function of the master budget.

Master Budget

Construct a Debtor Schedule to Determine Cash Received

Debtor and Creditor Schedules

Distinguish between relevant and sunk costs.

Time Orientation of Costs

Conceptual Framework

An overview of small and large company structures

Types of Companies

Summary of Key Benefits and Costs of Engaging in CSR Practices

Benefits and Costs of CSR

Purpose and Format of the Statement of Changes in Equity

Components of the Changes in Equity Statement

Introduction to Companies: Part 1

Characteristics of Companies

Understand how to calculate and analyse profitability ratios

Profitability Ratios

Overview of the Purpose and Structure of Balance Sheets

Structure of a Balance Sheet

Purpose of Cash Flow Statements.

Introduction to Cash Flows

Calculate the contribution margin for one and multiple product lines

Contribution Margin

Learn how to calculate the margin of safety and its applications

Margin of Safety

Learn the basics to cash budgeting

Introduction to Budgeting

What are the different types of short-term investments?

Short-Term Management of Finance

Video on introduction and how to calculate direct material price variance

Direct Material Price Variance

The role and function of the following groups in the regulation of companies.

Regulatory Bodies

Accounting entries to record dividends paid


Understand the Order in Which Creditors Get Paid During Insolvency

Priority of Funds Distribution In Insolvency

Step-by-step guide in constructing a Comprehensive Income Statement.

Construct a Simple Income Statement

Learn the limitations of ratios and why we should be fully reliant on them

Limitations of Ratios

Understand how to calculate and analyse liquidity ratios

Liquidity Ratios

Users and their interests in financial information

Users of Financial Information

Explores the Different Segments and Format of a Cash Flow Statement

Structure of a Cash Flow Statement

Assess whether to make a product in-house or outsource its production

Make or Buy Decision

Overview of the role of a Financial Accounting and users of its reports.

Financial Accounting

Worked Example of How to Construct a Simple Cash Budget

How to Construct a Simple Cash Budget

What are the key considerations for investments?

Finance Perspectives

Reporting entities, their Stakeholders and the Accounting Standards.

Reporting Entities

Accounting Entries for the Cash Issue of Shares in a Public Company

Cash Issue of Shares

Explore the Options for When a Business Cannot Pay Its Debts

Types of Insolvency

Nature and Format of the Comprehensive Income Statement

Structure of an Income Statement

Understand how to calculate and analyse efficiency ratios

Efficiency Ratios

Learn what are ratios and why we use them

Introduction to Ratios

Understand how to draw conclusions from analysis of the Cash Flow

Interpretation of Cash Flow Statements

Learn how to assess special order decisions and the factors to consider

Special Order Decisions

Understand the quantitative and qualitative factors in determine whether to close a product line

Closing Product Line Decision

Overview of the role of a Financial Accounting and users of its reports.

Management Accounting

Overview of Steps and Worked Solution of a Budgeted Income Statement

Budgeted Income Statements

What are the different types of long-term investments?

Long-Term Management of Finance


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