Managing Data

Security Techniques for the Management of Data

Managing data in the WACE syllabus falls under two main security techniques; disaster recovery plans and audit trails.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster recovery plan is a written plan to restore business ICT equipment after a disaster has taken place. 

It includes the steps to restore areas of ICT equipment such as web servers as well as procedures to restore data from backups. 

Audit Trails

Audit trails are an electronic or paper log that records details about a user's access to a file. Audit trails record details about access to specific documents including:

  • when the data was accessed

  • who accessed it

  • what was accessed

  • In most cases, it does not show why the data was accessed. Sometimes very secure systems may ask for a reason before asking sensitive data

Audit trails allow administrators to review who has been accessing data and identify any unusual behaviour which can be investigated further. When files are moved or modified, audit trails can be used to identify who was responsible for such actions.