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Be Generous This Christmas, Support More Young People to Achieve at School

Our Mission
To ensure every Australian secondary student has the support they need to achieve at school.

ATAR Survival Guide is a leading not-for-profit e-learning platform, aimed at accelerating students' potential in their ATAR studies. With over 77,000 users, globally, we are changing the ways students learn, with a student-centred approach to success.

We are backed by a team of 30+ passionate young volunteers, with a passion to give back and a drive for the community.

Your donation will go towards keeping our organisation running, meeting server costs, providing a collaborative space for our team to engage and other critical operational costs.

Your Social Investment

Through the power of an advanced technology platform, we represent an effective method of support at a very low cost. Just one dollar can bring one student one hour of free learning.

This is one hour for you, your child or your student's classroom. Every dollar counts in creating better futures for young people.

ATAR Survival Guide operates under Elucidate Education Ltd, a registered Australian Charity, with the purpose of advancing education for all young people.

One Hour of Learning

$1 =

A Christmas message from the CEO

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For monthly donations, contact our team at to set up monthly transfers.

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