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Empowered Academy

A Free and Engaging Revision Program For Students, By Students

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What is Empowered Academy?

Empowered Academy aims to provide a flipped learning environment for students to revise. In the program, we connect students with high achieving facilitators, where the student and facilitator work together to solve the deepest problems of the student.
Once the student understands the solution, they then test their knowledge by creating a whiteboard video to demonstrate their understanding. Not only will they teach themselves, they will also teach our community of learners. 

Empowered Academy is run for one day on 9th July 2022, 11AM - 3PM. The first Empowered Academy is only being offered for Economics Year 12.

Empowered Academy is free for participants, however, there is an application process to join.

Empowered Academy is currently being offered in Year 12 Economics.
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Designed for Students of All Achievement Ranges

Wherever you are on the achievement scale, there is a tremendous learning advantage through teaching. Teaching someone will enable you to learn and consolidate content significantly faster (flipped learning approach). 

In Empowered Academy, all students will have the opportunity to be leaners and teachers. Learners being taught by another student and teachers having the opportunity to teach another student your topic of expertise. 

View Your Program Location

Our program is located at St Catherine's College, a 5-minute walk North of UWA. St Catherine's College is a premium residential college servicing students from UWA.
The program will also feature a tour of St Catherine's College and a taste of college life on campus! 

The address is:

St Catherine's College,
2 Park Road, Crawley, WA 6009.

Program Date:
Saturday, 9th July 2022
11AM - 3PM
Find out more about the campus below. 

Meet Your Potential Program Tutors



Christian Bien

Founder & CEO



Ben Whitten

Head of Education

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