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What is it?

Inclusivity is ensuring as many users as possible is able to access your ICT product.

Examples of Inclusive Features

  • Language translator - allows foreign visitors to interpret the content

  • Currency converter - allows foreign visitors to evaluate the prices of goods in their own currency

  • Avoiding Colour Blind Sensitive Colours - avoid the use of red or green and use more highly contrasting colours to increase legibility

  • Use of thumbnails - to reduce pressure on bandwidth of users from low socioeconomic backgrounds

  • Icon navigation - improves navigation for less educated or ICT skilled users

  • Font enlarger - increases size of text to assist users with sight difficulties

WACE AIT Exam 2015, Question 30 - Sample Production Answer Inclusivity Analysis

Question Extract:

Make appropriate annotations to your design to demonstrate your understanding of the use of:

  • an appropriate (e.g. wireframe) design that shows the layout and structure of your intended design (represent the position of the logo with a labelled box) (5 marks)

  • the elements and principles of design and the relationship between them (4 marks) ● logical organisation of content (3 marks)

  • user-generated content (e.g. contact forms, order forms) (2 marks)

  • ‘help’ features and how these will assist the target audience/s (6 marks)

  • features or tools that will enable the website to be accessed using new technologies. (2 marks)


Acknowledgement: SCSA WACE 2015 AIT Paper. You can access the entire context of the question in the 2015 WACE paper by clicking here (SCSA website)

Download a HQ Image of the WACE 2015 Production Sample Answer (280 kB)

The design avoids the use of red or green and uses highly contrasting colours, improving usability for colour blind users.

Font enlarger - increases size of text to assist users with sight difficulties

Language translator - converts English text into languages comprehendible by users from LOTE backgrounds

Currency Converter allows foreign visitors to evaluate the prices of products in their native currency

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Semi-Finalist | Youth Group Category

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