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Changing Education. Transforming Lives. 

ATAR Survival Guide is a leading e-learning platform and in-school tuition services provider, aimed at accelerating students' potential in their ATAR studies. With over 18,000 users, globally, we are changing the ways students learn, with a student centred approach for success.

Our Story

The ATAR Survival Guide was founded by Christian Bien, a graduate at Duncraig Senior High School and student at Curtin University. 

A self-confessed nerd and tech guru, Christian wrote all his ATAR notes on OneNote and his flashcards on Quizlet. Upon completion of his final ATAR exams, thinking the notes would be a waste if deleted off his hard drive forever, Christian uploaded his notes onto a public custom made website and added links to his flashcards and other content. 

Since its launch on Jan 2017, the website has attracted over 18,000 users logging over 40,000 sessions, indicating strong growth and demand for easy to understand, accessible and interactive online educational content.

Coming from a low socioeconomic background, Christian understands the potential e-learning can have to address educational disadvantage and provide an opportunity for students to learn regardless of barriers they may face, to achieve their academic aspirations. 




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