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Study Hack: Use an Online Scrabble Word Generator to Create Acronyms!

Study hack is a blog segment where I share all the tips and tricks that helped me stay organised, focused and survive high school.

It can be hard to think of acronyms and to be honest, my vocabulary wasn't that flash to think of great acronyms of the like of BIMDAS or WREPCY.

You may have noticed a few of my flashcards have acronyms, such as CUEMESS for the negative effects of Globalisation. These acronyms were mostly generated by an online scrabble cheater. Basically, the online app helps you cheat in scrabble by finding words for random letters.

This can be used the same to generate acronyms for your study notes! My favourite website is . All you have to do is enter the letters of the keywords of your study notes and it will generate the biggest possible word. Too easy!

If you end up with surplus letters, try again using an synonym of that keyword. For example, if you couldn't figure out a word with U for Unemployment, try putting E for Employment instead. The word employment will act as a trigger for unemployment anyway. You can also try stuffing extra letters in the word like I did for the positive effects of Globalisation with the acronym EMPPTIERR-FG.

Check out for your acronym needs and happy studying!

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