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ATAR Update: Your Exams Could Clash with Leavers and What You Can Do About It

SCSA released their written examination timetables 2 days ago and this year, the examinations for media production and analysis, ancient history, French and Japanese have clashed with the official opening week of leavers (19th November - 24 November).

The last examinations in 2017 will be held on 2pm on Tuesday 21 November. Students completing media production and analysis and French will be completing examinations on Monday 20 November while students completing Ancient History and Japanese will be completing examinations on Tuesday 21 November.

My Exams Clash, so What Now?

Students who already booked leavers celebrations have limited options.

Option #1 Cancellation

Cancellation could mean the risk of losing your deposit or may result in cancellation fees being applied. Cancelling the booking would also result in an almost certain loss of accomodation due to the popularity of the event. It means though, you're missing out on the celebration every year 12 student talks about at lunch.

However, if your provider has promised or advertised that the accomodation or package provided will not clash with examination timetables prior towards entering a contract, this could be misleading and deceptive conduct. Under the Australian Consumer Law you may be entitled to a full refund without penalty. Click here to learn more about misleading and deceptive conduct.

Option #2 Continue with Leavers

Students may choose to go ahead with leavers despite the clash. It may be a waste of money, paying for two nights of unused accomodation, but maybe it means one of your mates can get a double bed, plus you still get to see what all the hype is about.

However, be in mind, there are some difficulties with transport options if you are not travelling to Dunsborough by car. Students who complete an exam at 2pm will likely have to wait until the next day to travel to their leavers destination.

Consider a Japanese student who finishes their examination at 5pm on a Tuesday. After a considerable amount of time to get ready for leavers, it is likely there will be limited Ferry services to Rottnest and unlikely to be any buses transporting students from Perth to Dunsborough.

Option #3 Change the Destination

Students may have to change the destination of their leavers to be more accessible with their timetable. Leavers does not have to be at Rotto or Dunsborough! The money you save on unused accomodation can get you a ticket overseas to destinations like Bali, Vietnam or Singapore.

If you want to celebrate leavers with friends, it may be a little difficult convincing them to all change to another destination. In addition, overseas destinations may not be financially viable for all your mates.

If you have a little extra cash and don't mind an independent celebration, why not book a Contiki tour or do some overseas volunteering for leavers instead?

Option #4 Be a Couch Potato

Getting down there too difficult? Parents not letting you go and don't like the other ideas? Just be a couch potato. Sure it may not be as fun but in a month or two, everyone will forget about it and you can look at your bank account and splurge on something else.

Takeaway Message

Whatever you do, make sure you discuss your new plans your family, friends and your accomodation provider. Gather all the information regarding the risks to your experience and the financial costs and make an informed decision.

Do not skip your ATAR examination at whatever cost. A low ATAR score can prevent you from entering University and place a burden on your future career, all for two extra days of leavers celebrations. It's not worth it.

You can access the full written examination timetable by clicking here.

This blog post is to be used for informative purposes only and is not to be used for the purposes of soliciting legal advice.

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