Study Tip: The Distractions Box

Winter is coming!

Cold nights are for nothing better than some hot chocolate and your favourite Discovering Economics textbook.

Here's a quick tip to combat those distractions in your way!

The biggest distraction that we all face has to be our mobile phones, iPad, iPod Touch or anything that beeps bops or makes pinging noises for your attention.

And I'll admit, you could have your head down focused and the minute you let yourself go and reply to that message you're in a 2 hour conversation and just completely stopped your work and completing any goals.

So what I've done is create a distractions box, just a simple box where I dump my iPhone and iPad in when I need to get some focus work done. First of all, put the devices on Do Not Disturb, but for me I leave the phone calls option on as to be honest if you're trying to call someone its probably something important, otherwise they would have just texted. Then once they're in the box, put in somewhere outside of arms reach.

So once the devices are in the distraction box, you're set, set some time to complete some work and after you've complete your study goals you can open the box. This technique works as you physically opening the box when you should be working acts as a deterrant and a reminder of what you are trying to achieve. There is a physical barrier between checking your devices.

And make sure you pair this technique with Self Control on your mac or Self-Resistant on Windows to ensure that you're not using your computer to access distracting websites.

I recommend you do these sessions for around 2 hours at a time because we're all addicted to our phones, so I know we can't all last all day.

I call this the Focus Session, no distractions, set your work and get it done.

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