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Providing Accessible and Flexible Learning Opportunities for All

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

COVID-19 and My Commitment to Ensuring Flexible Learning Opportunities

Our hearts are with everyone doing tough, particularly Victorians under a new wave of restrictions including remote learning applied to all year levels.

Our platform will always provide free content to assist in the educational learning outcomes of students. Furthermore, we are expanding our library of notes and are excited to publically announce that there have been some secret changes to the platform to bring you a better experience and more content!

We will bring more notes, interactive tests, videos and more to the platform with a gradual rollout of Version 2 of the platform. A pilot program for the Accounting unit will be rolling out over the next few months, with our old platform being overlapped into the new features!

Where Have I Been?

The ATAR Survival Guide began in the early days of 2017, where I was transitioning from High School to University. During this period, there were about 3 months of adventure or boredom depending on how many plans you had lined up. I quickly ventured towards the boredom side and began the ATAR Survival Guide as a project to transform all of my digital ATAR notes on a website - the mission to solve my boredom crisis but also have the potential to assist a student who may be struggling. As someone who came from a low socioeconomic background, my mission has always been to provide an accessible platform to bridge the educational gap.

Life slowly got in the way and I became involved in University life while studying a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance at Curtin University. As a result, my time on the platform side of the business slowly diminished. During my time at University, I went all over the place, I started a Consulting Club, studied at Stanford University and the University of Hong Kong, attended a social impact forum in London and did an internship at a Management Consulting firm.

However, while at Stanford, I took classes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, learning what makes a great start-up, further complemented by my selection in the Curtin Ignition Entrepreneurship Program.

On the Top of Yosemite Peak in California, While on Exchange at Stanford University

At the end of 2019, I received the annual invoice for the ATAR Survival Guide. Part of me was tempted to cancel the subscription but when

I saw the numbers of visitors and members, it surprised me. I had visitors from around the world, reading and learning from the content I was producing. More than 2000 of you signed up to be a member on the site. Seeing all of you on the site reminded me why I started this project in the first place!

At the One Young World Conference in London, United Kingdom

In 2019, I attended the One Young World Conference, a global forum connecting young leaders to contribute to the 17 United National Sustainable Development Goals. Coming from a refugee background, goal four, quality education was close to my heart in which education has been a transformative factor in my life in which I hope the ATAR Survival Guide can accelerate that educational aspiration for another student.

After a fast-moving three years, I graduated and work at a leading Consulting firm. My life became a bit more simplified, instead of juggling multiple extracurricular activities, I am now focused on the one role at work. And with that little bit of free time, I dedicate towards improving the ATAR Survival Guide with the 2020 transformation project.

Redesigned 'Content in This Section' Page

Accounting Pilot Program - Launching the ATAR Survival Guide Platform Version 2

As a Provisional Chartered Accountant and experienced in the finance world, Accounting would be the place to start. Some users may have seen sneak peeks, but we're transforming the platform to become more user-friendly, content-packed with video and practice questions. The Wix platform has gone a long way since the launch of this site in 2017, with the new Wix Code platform, Corvid (yes, I kid you not that is the name), there are some powerful new features that allow me to take the platform to another level.

Accounting will be the first trial subject to be rolled out with the new Wix Corvid rich platform and will feature jam pack full of features including:

  • Videos - Summary Theory Videos and Worked Solutions

  • Practice Tests - With some questions featuring video walkthrough answer keys

  • Refreshed User Experience - Featuring Icons, new buttons and transitions

  • Content Refresh - Updating content to adapt to new WACE curriculum

  • Responsive Design - Ensuring Content Flows Correctly on Desktop, Tablets and Mobile Devices

I encourage you to visit the new Accounting platform page to see for yourself!

Redesigned Content Page - Direct Material Price Variance

In addition to the new look and updated content, there will be a series of platform improvements to be rolled out over the coming months.

  • Updated Integrated Search - In Progress (Updating Visually Rich search graphics)

  • Updated User Account Page - Planned

  • Updated Forum - Planned (Temporary taken down due to upgrades)

  • Updated Blog - Delivered

  • Updated Communication Channel - Planned (We will be announcing a new team member real soon!)

Can't wait to continue sharing our progress with you all!

Until next time!

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