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Study Tip: Four Tips to Remove Distractions and Keep You Focused

We live in a distracting world! From 8 second videos on Tik Tok to Instagram notifications, that can take us from what seems to be a one-minute break to a never-ending cycle of not getting work done!

Need a break from distractions? Here are 4 tips to keep you focused and on track!

Tip 1: Use Content Blockers on Your Phone and Computer!

Distractions popping up left, right and centre? Use a content blocker to keep you focused and engaged. Here are two of my favourite apps!

App 1: Self Control/Self Restraint - Free Website Blocker

Devices: Mac/Chrome

Price: Free

Self Control is one of my favourite apps to forcefully remove distractions. In a blocklist, you let the app know you're most distracting websites and it will block them for a set period of time. Unless you're a tech wizard, there is no way to unblock them, giving you distraction-free vibes for your entire study session!

Download Link



App 2: Freedom - Great Paid Website Blocker

Devices: Mac/Windows/iOS/Android

Price: Paid

Freedom in my opinion one of the best content blockers out there. It has pre-filled content blockers so you can choose the category you want (e.g social media) and it will block all the common social media sites. It also uses a VPN that blocks those websites on your phone as well.

Easy and straightforward to use - I highly recommend this one for those who have a little extra to spare!


Tip 2: Remove Your Phone Out of Your Study Area

With all of our distractions arising from our phones, why not remove them?

According to a report by Clevertap, the average smartphone user gets 46 notifications per day. That's a whole lot of distractions to keep you up at night or off your study list.

If you have a phone, put it on the other end of the house or just out of sight far enough that it requires you to walk to get it. Believe it or not, even just having the barrier of walking to your phone is enough to make you stop and thinking why you are doing it in the first place.

Tip 3: Delete Social Media Apps Entirely

I didn't say remove your account, just remove the apps

A good technique to keep you focused, especially during exam time, is to delete the social media apps on your phone. Instead, check your social media on your computer's web browser. Simply removing the distractions and the never ending video cycle that pops up is bound to leave you focused and on the right track.

Tip 4: Be Realistic With Yourself

A common mistake I see is when students have 3 hours until bedtime and say they're going to study for 3 hours straight and put 3 hours worth of tasks on their todo list. Be honest with yourself, schedule breaks, and break down what you're going to do.

The simple act of being overwhelmed by a todo list can lead you to be frustrated and seek out your distractions.

Hope these tips have bought you some guidance! Good luck out there and if you have any tips you would like to share, email me at!

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