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Production Sketch Sample

In the WACE exam, Section 4 - Production, will require students to create their own design for a web page or mobile application. It will often include around 4 marks for annotations for design elements and principles so include 4 pieces of evidence to get full marks. 


Sample Annotation of Production Section Sketch 


Below is my answer for question 30 in the 2015 WACE Exam. You can access the 2015 WACE paper by clicking here (SCSA website). The 2016 exam saw a different approach with two sketches of a mobile website and a desktop website.


The answer sample includes annotation for all sections of the question including 4 points for evidence of the relationship between design elements and principles. 

Click to Download the Image of the Production Sketch (108 kB)

Even weighted distribution of the element of shapes creates the design principle of balance within the design

Repetition of the use of recentagles within the design creates a sense of harmony and unity

High contrast in the business name from colour of blue against the white positive space as well as a thick width from boldness of characters creates emphasis towards the business name.

Repetition of similar sized recentagles creates movement within the design.

Logical and Hierarchical Annotations is on the next page

Download the image to view clear annotations of design features


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