Servicing Areas

Travel Fee-Free Servicing Area

Students within the service area on the map  do not incur any travel fees!

Travel Fee-Free Public Locations

Eliminate travel fees by receiving your private tuition at the following public venues:
  • Curtin University Library
  • City of Perth Library
  • State Library of Western Australia
Please contact us for availability and to book at these venues.​

Where Travel Fees Apply

Travel fees apply to private in-home tuition outside the free servicing area. Travel fees are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and determined by approximate fuel costs.
Travel fees are currently:
  • $5 for Short Range Travel Outside Servicing Area
  • $10 for Long Range Travel Outside Servicing Area
We only service locations in the Metro Northern suburbs and some Western suburbs. 

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ABN: 87 574 760 103

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