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Improve Your Results. Guaranteed. 

The team at the ATAR Survival Guide is building a brand new study support system to engage students through online learning methods. 

What's Included

Study Free
Study Plus
Access to Free Notes on Accounting, Applied IT and Economics
Receive the Monthly Newsletter and Exclusive Study Tips
Accounting Only
Step-by-Step Video Tutorials on Practice Questions
Download Printable WACE-Style Worksheets
Clear Step-by-Step Answer Key for Each Practice Question
New Content Every Week

Improve Your Results. Guaranteed. 

We're confident that you will see improved results or you're money back. 
If you have any questions or school pricing queries, contact us at hello@atarsurvivalguide.com.
Student Testimonials

"Study+ is straightforward and easy to find what you are looking for and easy to understand!"

- Student (Atwell College)

"Continue the great work! It has honestly been a major factor that has led to my grades being pushed up by over 30%."

- Grayson K

"I stumbled across your resources while cramming this morning. Very well written and thoroughly explained. Thank you very much for compiling these.”

- Chris G

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the guarantee?

We promise that our use of the platform will improve your results. If you're unsatisfied with our product, email us at hello@atarsurvivalguide.com for a full refund.

What do you mean by 'Development Pricing'?

This means we're offering users a big discount as we develop our content throughout the year. We aim to develop content ahead of the typical in-class teaching plan so our premium content can match the classroom environment.


However, there can be instances that our content is not ready for what is being taught in the classroom and hence attracts heavily discounted pricing. See above of what sections of content is ready and what is currently under development. 

What platforms is this available on?

The platform is available on all web browsers. We recommend the platform be used on desktops, laptops, or iPads/tablets.


Will I be charged again after one year?

No, you will not be charged again. Our products attract a one-time fee for a fixed period of time. 

I am a teacher, what can you do for me?

Let's talk! Email me at hello@atarsurvivalguide.com for more information about classroom licenses. You are more than welcome to purchase an individual license for individual use.