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The ATAR Survival Guide is building a brand new study support system to engage students through online learning methods. 
If you're an educator in Accounting we would love to hear from you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accounting Study+?

Accounting Study+ is our premium platform for the ATAR Survival Guide Accounting Module. We currently have a free platform available to any user who registers an account that offers free theory notes and step-by-step tutorials. Accounting Study+ is a further extension of this platform and provides video tutorials, practice questions and videos on theory topics all based on the WACE Curriculum. 

What are the Criteria to Enrol a Class in Accounting Study+?

You must be an educator, school administrator, or teaching student in Western Australia and teach WACE Accounting and Finance Unit 3 and 4. Currently, we are not accepting trials for interstate classrooms.

What is the Commitment?

The commitment will be a few in-person/virtual calls with you to discuss how the platform is being used in the classroom and identifying areas of improvement. We would also like to conduct a presentation with your class at the start and end of the trial. 

We will also send a feedback survey throughout the trial for your students to complete. 

What are the Benefits of Participating in the Trial?

Our mission is to Empower Education through online mediums. Your students will benefit from exclusive access to the Study+ platform during the trial period, enabling them to access study support materials to aid their educational experience 24/7.

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