Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

What is it?

TCP/IP is a communication protocol that defines how data packets are communicated between different networks.

For example, if you had two seperate networks connected together by a router, the connection between the two routers would use TCP/IP to communicate with one another. 

What's the Difference between TCP and IP?

IP or Internet Protocol is the address to which data is sent to. There are two types of IP addresses.

  • Private IP - the IP address used by a router to identify your device on a private network, often in the form of 10.1.1.x or 192.168.1.x.

  • Public IP - the IP address used to identify your network on the internet. You can find your Public IP by searching 'IP' on google.

Transmission Control Protocol defines how data packets are broken down and communicated between different networks. Think of IP as the address of a house and TCP as the mailman delivering the letters to different houses.