Our team comes from diverse backgrounds connected by the same purpose, to Empower Education for future generations.

Team Members

Christian Bien


Christian founded the ATAR Survival Guide while in high school in 2016 after seeing a need to enhance the learning space for students.


His background includes experience in Consulting, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction and International Honours Program at Stanford University. 

In 2019, Christian was awarded Semi-Finalist in WA Young Achiever of the Year in the Youth Group Category. 

Priya Sonia

Content Developer

Priya is a current Bachelor of Commerce and Law Student at Curtin University. As a first-year student, she was a consultant at Curtin Consulting Group where she was promoted to Project Manager and to her current title as Co-President. 

She is a current recipient of the Curtin Excellence Scholarship, awarded the CLS Commendation Award and 

Amber Anderson

Content Developer

Amber is a current Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) student at The University of Western Australia. She completed double majors in Business Law and International Relations and is currently undertaking Honours research in education.

She is a Fogarty Foundation Scholar, New Colombo Plan Scholar and a resident at St George’s College. She is passionate about promoting youth engagement with educational issues and raising the status of teachers in Western Australia.

Advisory Board

Sally Topley

Parternships Advisor

Sally grew up in England, graduating with a B Ed from the University of Cambridge in 1976 since when she has been involved in education at all levels, from pre-school to adults,  in government, private schools and maximum security prisons. 


Her current work is aimed at mentoring Year 12 students as they negotiate their final year at school. This is complemented by her volunteer roles as a mentor for post-graduate students for prestigious international scholarships (PRISM Alliance) and as past President of the Cambridge University Society of Western Australia. 

John Phung

Development Advisor

John is a highly-focused individual with over six years of managerial experience in large-scale manufacturing businesses. Having experience in areas such as production management, compliance and supply chain commercialisation, John has worked with major international brands such as KFC, PizzaHut, Subway, Burger Kings, as well as iconic national retailers such as Woolworths, Coles and IGA to develop, execute and deliver fast-moving-consumer products to millions of Australians.


Outside of his professional roles, John is committed to education, having completed both a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Business. John firmly believes that education is the key to a successful future and that everyone should have a chance at having a fair go. He hopes to create an impact by providing support to the ATAR Survival Guide in their quest to deliver affordable world-class education to the future generations.