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Hukambir Kohli

Content Contributor - Humanities

Hukambir joined the ATAR Survival Guide because ever since the start of High School, he has always helped his peers - by making Quizlets or just explaining brief concepts. The ATAR Survival Guide allows him to expand his reach, allowing him to help people all across WA who have otherwise found difficulties in grasping concepts in areas like Politics and Law, Economics or Modern History ATAR. Hukambir is also a casual private tutor, who has tutored students from Years 5 all the way to Year 11 - so he knows how to explain information in a way that suits the individual. He is also looking to study at UWA, in a Bachelors of Commerce, majoring in Business Law. His aim is then to progress onto studying Law via the Juris Doctor at UWA because of his desire to help others despite their difficulties in learning.

Subject Expertise

Politics & Law, Modern History, Economics