Design Concepts


What is it?

Usability is ensuring that users of an ICT product can achieve their desired goals easily (effectiveness) and in as little time as possible (efficiency). 

Examples of Usability Features

  • Search bars - allows for quick access to desired content (efficiency)

  • Simple and consistent design (effectiveness)

  • Use of thumbnails - speeds of loading time (efficiency)

  • Use of icon navigation - makes it easier to navigate (effectiveness)

WACE AIT Exam 2015, Question 30 - Sample Production Answer Usability Analysis

The production sketch is in response to Question 30 of the AIT WACE 2015 exam. You can access the entire context of the question in the 2015 WACE paper by clicking here (SCSA website)

Download a HQ Image of the WACE 2015 Production Sample Answer (138 kB)

Search bar allows quick access to specific content, hence increases efficiency

Traditional website design - no learning curve required for normal web users, hence effective

Contact details at the top of the page to allow the user quick access to contact information for enquiries, hence increases efficiency

Simple and clear design with a consistent white, blue and black colour scheme, improving navigation, hence effective

Online Chat Box to Customer Service is a usable feature that allows viewers to quickly access on-demand support, hence is efficient